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#1 Nazar Tokar » 16.09.2013, 15:29


Hi everybody. A few days ago I've proposed you a decision how to create a "Scroll up" button which can work on any CMS based website. Even not needing jQuery and working with simply JS.I decided to make such an experiment and to create a Wordpress Plugin for the script. So I want to bring to your attention the WP-Scrollup, WP plugin.


Scroll button will appear in defined corner of the site while the page is being scrolled. If it's scrolled to the top, button hides. This is how the button looks:



Admin page allows you to change:
  • button position
  • style (dark or light one)
  • button size (66х60 or 33х30 pixels)

You don't need to edit any html or js code, just install the plugin and it will work.

Admin page

Easy to use, get in touch:


It's my first plugin so I'm opened to your feedback. Please write a few words on how I can make it better.

Demo and Download

You can see the demo on Furniture blog. Downloads are available from Dropbox.

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