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#1by Nazar Tokar » 30.03.2013, 11:50

Hi there. I've been creating and updating online shopping scripts here. BuyMe is extremely simple jquery based script that lets you get buy in one click function on ANY website with any CMS running.

All you need is php on you hosting. Yes, it works even on Wordpress, OScommerce, Prestashop and any other systems. Now you don't need to buy an online shopping scripts, you can create online shop of any website.

How's it working?

Submitted form is being sent to administrator's email and to a mobile phone via sms. Text message costs up to $0.07.

Script is very, really very simply to use, it can be set up with one line in your html. The second step is to place «Buy in one click» button, set up your email address in /buyme/index.php and to upload a script folder to your /www hosting folder. That's all — script will be running on your site.

You can add a special class to any link, button or even image on your website. After that clicking it will open buy form. It contains of name, phone or email and shipping address/comment fields.

BuyMe is designed to run in any of three languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian. Both web form and notification messages are translated at the monent so you'll get messages in your language.

My scripts' counter you can see in the top of the forum — number shows an approximately count of the websites with my scripts running.

Got questions? Come on, ask me.
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